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The sole intention of the Fairlady Z S30S - S30 L Car Register is to encourage the preservation of the Classic 1970 to 1973 Nissan Fairlady Z, in its factory original condition. Registering your car on this site, may provide a history of your vehicle to future buyers and sellers alike.


By registering, you will also provide a point of contact amongst the most interested people wishing to preserve the history of these fine Sports / GT Cars.


Through this effort, we can establish how many Fairlady Z Cars exist in the world and ultimately determine the rarity at the same time.


Register your vehicle at the Fairlady Z Registration Page. Once the required information is received, the provided vehicle information will be listed on the member’s webpage.


Have questions prior to registering? Please send me an email.

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By registering your Fairlady Z on this site, you will share your unique interests between other Fairlady Z owners. Membership is free, take a look at the current member directory and decide whether or not to submit the required information.


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